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Benzene line application: C-14 dating, bio-based, NPP

Equipment set formed by specification allows any kind of Benzene line applications.

Benzene line is applicable for any kind of sample materials for Radiocarbon analysis. It is used for Radiocarbon Dating, Estimation of Environment Impact of Nuclear Installation, Estimation of bio-based percentage (%) in production, fuel (waste fuel) and raw materials.


Radiocarbon Dating

Benzene line technology is used for needs of Radiocarbon Dating producing benzene based on different sample materials: wood, charcoal, bone, peat, soil, shell, and carbonate. It is suitable for sample processing of carbon dioxide or methane samples as well. It includes all equipment required for processing of Carbon sample by transformation: Carbon - Carbide - Acetylene - Benzene, including production, capture, purification and conditioning.

Impact of Nuclear Installation

Systematical and temporal variations of radiocarbon in air cause corresponding in annual plants and annual growth in trees (tree rings). Tissues of plant and animal in the NPP vicinity obtain their C-14 concentration depending of food pathway and sources impacting on air, water and soil. Benzene line application for any kind of plant and animal tissue samples, air, water and soil samples to be transformed into benzene for radiocarbon measurement by liquid scintillation counting (LSC).

Zaporizhe NPP Installatio
NPP Installation

Bio-based percentage

Benzene line application and following LS counting of benzene sample enables calculation of fraction of Bio-based in fuel (bio-diesel and waste fuel), plastic and raw materials. It is promising approach comparing to one based on partial mass calculation for each fraction corresponding to mixture.

Bio-based testing

Benzene sample could be prepared according to one of the traditional approaches based on processing of charcoal or carbon dioxide sample. Any of the modern approaches based on vacuum pyrolisis allow complete processing of non homoheneous Carbon containing materials which have different volatility, simplify procedures obtaining of lithium carbide and rises chemical yield what is most important for processing of small samples, like : capsule technology and microliner thermal destruction technology.

Modern Radiocarbon analysis involve variety kind of sample material for analyses, which could be processed in benzene line using of vacuum pyrolisis in one or two steps depending on sample material(s) and matrices analyzed. Mass of sample material and approach of its processing should be considered depending on availability of carbonate and/or organics in it and reactivity of organic materials.

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