BENZENE LINE SetUp and Training,
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In-site setup and staff training (Milestones, up to 4 days)

1-st. Estimation of condition in lab, selection of place to work with equipment, beginning of Setup (mounting of benzeneline).
2-nd. Continuation with install - setup, some introduction.
3-rd. Ending of installation - setup, continuation of introduction in work of set, operational test of equipment sub-sections, testing of heating of ovens, testing of sample preparation procedures.
4-rt. and untill the end of installation. Active training:
  • Wood sample > charcoal > carbide > acetylene > C6H6 > purification.
  • Another wood sample > direct pyrolysis > carbide ...
  • Use of different sample material - advices in selection of appropriate technology steps.
  • Sample pretreatment, use of appropriate sample mass. Work with complex samples.
  • Simultaneous management of multiple samples on different stages of preparing of C6H6.

Two days at the end:
  • Checking of knowledge.
  • Discussion of technologies used.
  • Questions. Recommendations.

Operation of laboratory:
  • Arrangement of Sample's inflow - it is up to you,
  • Sample pretreatment - we will give you ideas,
  • Production of C6H6 - we offer to you full package,
  • Handling of vials - we offer you excellent performances,
  • Liquid scintillation counting - we could give you introduction,
  • Data processing - quench correction, multiple windows counting, database ideas, etc.

Benzeneline (in boxes)
The laboratory equipment (benzene line) in boxes
Benzene line (2013)
The laboratory equipment (benzene line) in boxes

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