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In-site setup and staff training (Milestones, up to 10 days)

Day 1. Estimation of condition in lab, selection of place to work with equipment, beginning of Setup of equipment (mounting and installation of benzene line).
Day 2. Continuation with installation - setup, some introduction in equipment.
Day 3. Ending of installation - setup, continuation of introduction in work of equipment, operational test of equipment sub-sections, testing of heating of ovens, testing of sample preparation procedures.
Day 4. and untill the end of installation. Active training:
- Wood sample > charcoal > carbide > acetylene > benzene > purification.
- Another wood sample > direct pyrolysis > carbide ...
- Use of different sample material - advices in selection of appropriate technology steps.
- Sample pretreatment, use of appropriate sample mass. Work with complex samples.
- Simultaneous management of multiple samples on different stages of preparing of benzene.

Two days at the end:
- Checking of knowledge.
- Discussion of technologies used.
- Questions. Recommendations.

Operation of laboratory:
- Arrangement of Sample's inflow - it is up to you,
- Sample pretreatment - we will give you ideas,
- Production of benzene - we offer to you full package,
- Handling of vials - we offer you excellent performances,
- Liquid scintillation counting - we could give you introduction and some ideas,
- Data processing - quench correction, multiple windows counting, database ideas, etc.

Benzene line (in boxes)
The laboratory equipment (benzene line) in boxes
Benzene line (2013)
The laboratory equipment (benzene line) in boxes

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