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Benzene line gallery: illustration of technology


Below gallery represents pictures of Benzene line - Complete assembled laboratory, high temperature set, low temperature set.

It includes photos of equipment set of several laboratories already installed worldwide: Poland, Estonia, Korea, Hungary, Thailand, India ...

Photos representing boron-silicate flasks (glassware) used for storage and processing of acethylene and benzene.

Photos of Teflon vials (traditional and super performances) used for benzene counting by LSC are presented at a separate page: Teflon Vials

  • Poland 2008
  • Estonia 2013
  • Estonia 2013
  • Korea 2013
  • Hungary 2015
  • Thailand 2016
  • India 2018
  • Poland 2014

Benzene line gallery: illustration of technology applicable for any kind of samples.

Appearance of benzene line in the laboratory: Gammu University (India)
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